"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public and community service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you through investing in more smart growth, continuing to improve our schools, and making public safety - especially school safety, a top priority. As a human resources professional and small business owner, I understand what it takes to help people become gainfully employed, helping to create jobs and grow our economy. I’ll bring ideas for creative economic development and lead efforts for continuous and sustainable employment."

Manassas City has a strong education system. I want to continue to see  a Manassas where children are exposed to a rich, broad, and flexible curriculum taught by highly qualified and valued teachers.  I will be an advocate for parents becoming more involved and committed to their children’s education.

Having a world class education system is good government, good economics and good for our community.

While I recognize we simply do not have the money to do everything, we still must be innovative and effective with what we have.  We can not afford any more empty promises. The only acceptable standard is performance and execution.

Public Safety 

Public safety is peace of mind. My son has a dream of becoming a Manassas City Police Officer, This is because of the reputation our police department has and the relationship they willingly built with him at a young age by hosting police and firefighter camps as well as ride-a-long programs. 

I am committed to ensuring we support and provide the necessary resources to our first responders at the local level. I am committed to supporting programs that continue to build that necessary relationship between the community and the men and women who make up our outstanding Manassas City Police force.

School Safety

While Manassas City has not experienced the horrible and tragic events we have seen happen in other locations across the country; Manassas City must continue to always be prepared to protect the safety of our children and infrastructure. I am committed to working with our local law enforcement and other local agencies to ensure they are receiving the necessary training and resources needed to keep our schools and children safe.


I want Manassas City to fully embrace the concept of “Smart Growth”. Smart Growth will allow us to see a mix of building types and uses, diverse housing, transportation options, and development within existing neighborhoods. As a growing, thriving city we have to take advantage of compact designs, create walkable neighborhoods, preserve open spaces, natural beauty, and critical environmental areas. Our "Smart Growth" decisions should make our development choices more predictable, fair, and cost effective. We must begin attracting businesses that not only keeps economic activity within the city but also attracts economic activity from outside the city.

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